Day 180- All These Things That I’ve Done

When Mr Story Frame suggested I tackle this song title at the weekend, I have to admit my first reaction was ” but I haven’t done anything”.

However, in my 32 (yes 32, I’m not lying!) years, I guess there is actually quite a lot I have done, and quite a lot that isn’t in the image above. I have taken and passed exams, I went to University, I played rugby (photographic evidence above), I have been both bridesmaid and bride and consequentially a divorcee.

I have passed my cycling proficiency, my driving theory test and my actual driving test all be it second time around šŸ™‚

I have lived in many places, Twickenham is where my heart will always be but I am drawn to the sea and now settled in Brighton with my greatest achievement to date, my beautiful daughter and my gorgeous guy.

I have been feisty, I have been a force to be reckoned with, even from an early age. 20 years ago I wrote to Blue Peter to complain about the amount of “one I prepared earlier” demonstrations they had when they were so adamant about recycling. In return I had a very polite thank you letter and a rare green Blue Peter badge from the BBC.

I have managed teams of people in promotions, sales and business advice. I can talk to anyone from the crazy person on the bus to the heads of British business.

I have lived in the shadows of others and lived through mental health issues and eating issues. I have come out stronger and more confident each and every time. Through everything, I know I am a fighter.

I have grown in confidence and I will now stand on a stage with a microphone in my hand and belt out a ballad. I will enter competitions and I will talk to leaders in british industry and not be phased.

Looking back on everything I have done, I know I have some great achievements, and I won’t ever say “but I haven’t done anything” ever again.

Lel xxx


3 responses

  1. šŸ™‚ I too passed my driving and theory, but not first time round. My theory I passed the second time (I was a bit arrogant, thinking the first time I could pass it without even picking up a book on theory tests), and my driving test 5th time (which includes the one time I didn’t sit it at all, because I’d mislaid my drivers license).
    And I got a green BP badge for writing about recycling too. šŸ™‚ You’ve done loads though – always lovely to read about people’s personal achievements, the things that have been a milestone in their lives.

    • Thanks Kristin- Green Blue Peter badges are apparently very rare, plus I still have the lettr and envelope- maybe I could exchange them for a Canon 5D MK III? You never know!

  2. See that’s where my age shows – in my day you didn’t do a theory test – lol! I couldn’t be bothered with all the lessons each week so went off and did it all in a week – although I passed first time it was one of the most hellish weeks ever – was in Romford Essex of all places!

    Rugby you say – like a bit of a scrum do we šŸ˜‰


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