Day 177- Smile Like You Mean It

How many times have you seen people smile like they really mean it? With all the abandon and innocence of children?

I have to say, as an adult, there are few times I see people smile with that kind of abandon. Weddings are one of those occasions and this bride was so beautiful and so wonderfully happy, I know that every single smile we saw that day was genuine and meant.

It would have been easy for me to get an image of Jess today, but what would have been the point? I know she smiles like she means it, she isn’t old enough to worry about peer pressure and looking cool yet.

Last week I played the smile on the tube game. Have you ever done it? Those of you that go into London regularly and haven’t played it yet try it next time. Just smile at the person opposite you, and watch them smile back, and then watch the smile move along the carriage as the smile catches people unawares. Smiles are just as infectious as yawns, and yet we feel less awkward about a ginormous yawn than we do about the smallest of smiles shared with a stranger.

Back in Lel World (to the tune of Elmo’s World for the parents out there đŸ™‚ ), I started the new day job today, and I am definitely smiling like I mean it as I am sensing a lot less stress and a lot more time for photography, hurrah!!

Lel xxx


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