Day 176- On Top

Check me out, a title full of innuendo and I have managed to keep it clean! I have to admit, I was inspired by the cover of the album for this shot.

With 46 votes this week, I can see that we haven’t had a big fix on the voting like last week. I had a feeling The Killers would win and I am glad as it means someone who I know through Brighton photographers and Facebook has finally got the album that they have voted for, its only taken 6 months!

We had a lovely family BBQ today and finally met my cousin’s boyfriend who she has managed to hide away for 2 and a half years! There were 17 of us in all today, plus my Mum’s neighbour. I managed to have 5 different puddings so I will be avoiding the scales tomorrow.  I finally fit back into my skinny jeans today but after my pudding extravaganza I think they will be going back in the wardrobe for another month or so 🙂

I was hoping to make some kind of reference to the football with tonight’s image title as well, but they are about to go into extra time so it is unlikely I can make any “On Top” references as yet. In a completely girly type logic way, I turned out all my clothes and found my England football shirt yesterday so it would be nice to have an excuse to wear it, he he he!!!

Lel xxx


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