Day 175- Somebody

I have to admit it was a real struggle to produce anything today. I am tired, I ache all over and I am so fed up of my poxy laptop deciding t only charge from the socket in the bedroom poor Mr SF has just had a full on Lel sized strop about aforementioned laptop.

How long should a laptop go on for? I have had mine around 6-7 years, I have recently replaced the battery and charger as the old battery wasn’t holding any charge any more and the charger was temperamental. Now I find that the new charger is much the same and won’t charge off of any of the downstairs sockets. I am of course ignoring the fact that it may be the wiring in the house as we are only renting and I have no idea how to fix it if that is the problem.

So tonight I am giving in, I am off for a cup of tea, to finish watching The Queen and then off to sleep. I wonder if my body is just releasing all the pent-up stress from the past 7 months?

Lel xxx


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