Day 173- Run To You

Day 3 of Little Miss and I on our own, last day though and Mr SF will be back properly tonight although I am guessing he will be a bit of a zombie from the amount of driving he has done today.

This afternoon, Jess and I discussed how we were going to get this shot and so we went, off to the park ready for some short sprints up and down.

We were literally 5 minutes in and the rain started, and it was so heavy we had to wrap the camera up and make a dash for it. Unfortunately, this involved Jess falling over and now we have black tights instead of white and grazed knees… again!

So, we are home earlier than expected but that is a good thing. I hae masses of loose ends to tie u for work before I hand over and leave tomorrow. My team bought me a lovely card and flowers today and although I will miss tem, I know that I am making th right move for my family and my photography. Onwards and upwards my friends 🙂

Lel xxx


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