Day 172- It’s Only Love

Some of you may have already seen this image from me before, and I apologise for using an existing image, but it fits so well and as I don’t have a beautiful shiny ring like this of my own, I’m afraid I decided to dip into the archives instead.

Mr Story Frame was away last night, and back late tonight so I have had Little Miss all to myself. She has been so good as well that it has been an absolute pleasure to be with her these past couple of days.

Oddly, Mr S.F came home with 3 magazines for me tonight, “Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom”, “Wedding Flowers” and “Wedding”. I have to admit that thee was a silent pause when I got these, and me saying “Have I missed something?”. However, my man knows me well and has brought these home for me for photography ideas!

I have decided lately that I am not going to buy so many photography magazines, instead, I am going to buy fashion and wedding magazines to try to gauge trends and the kind of images that will appeal to my target market. It is also helping me to work out who my target market isn’t! For example, I have a copy of Tatler, and will never buy it again. I am totally in the wrong socio-economic group to even be reading that, free sunglasses or not! Vogue and Elle on the other hand have been a revelation and I will continue to buy these. Especially considering the David Beckham shots this month, obviously I was just looking at the lighting and the poses, honest!

Lel xx


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