Day 166- Maybe

Wow- it’s Thursday evening already, when did that happen?

Maybe was a friendly word for me around 6 years ago when my lie was nowhere near as happy as it is now. Maybe was my word for trying to change my life. Instead of always saying no, I started to say maybe to more opportunities that came my way, and found that I started to get myself into a much better place.

Someone close to me asked me yesterday if I was ok? My stock answer of “always” doesn’t wash with this person, she see’s straight through me, and so, it was a maybe. You see, I can se the black clouds starting to merge on the horizon and the key now is to keep as far away as possible from the clouds.

Throwing myself back into this project with yesterday’s images was the starting point, I caught up with a friend over ta this evening and catching up with another friend tomorrow.

I’m also making lifestyle changes in terms of diet and trying to get back into a form of exercise routine as I know these play a major part in mental health.

Maybe this time, I will out run the black clouds, I really like to think that maybe I will be the winner this time.

Lel xx


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