Day 165- Love To See You Cry

Jess was an absolute star tonight. I asked her if she would help me with my project, fully expecting her to kick off, and actually she wa really into it. So we did some acting around crying and the faces she pulls when she is crying. Seriously, I have a diva on my hands, some of these images are so realistic it does look like she is properly going to cry! I promise, I did not poke her until she cried πŸ™‚

It wasn’t all tears and drama though, here are some of our out-takes. I may be bias, but she is even gorgeous with her emaining chicken pox:

After all that, there were 5 shots left on the camera so Jess took control and took some images, and we ended with the camera on timer and Jess posing us in what looks suspiciously like Blue Steel. The only worrying thing is that my 4-year-old is simply brilliant at directing a model, I need to get some tips from her!

Lel xx



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