Day 162- Hero

I could have been clichéd tonight and gone for Superheroes. This song is on the album 3 times so I may well do that at another point this week, especially as a friend publically volunteered on Facebook earlier today.

However, my own heroes are much closer to home, and I absolutely treasure this photo. It is too small for the frame, and it has seen better days.

This is my grandparents, and unfortunately neither of them are with us any longer, but I still talk to them everyday. Silly really, but I speak to this photo a lot. Maybe because it is on my landing and I have to go past it everyday, or maybe because they can’t answer me back like the others in the house 🙂

My Nan used to go dancing with the American soldiers during the second world war, she was mischievous but she was a true matriarch when it came to her family.

Family are the true heroes in all of our lives, hold yours close even if you are miles apart.

Lel xx


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