Day 160- I Want It All


Sorry for swearing, but it is part of life in Story Frame HQ at the moment. Fruit and salad, low-fat yoghurt and lean meat are coming out of my ears. What I wouldn’t do fo all of those cakes in that picture righ now! Even tomorrow morning we are going out for breakfast but I know I will be hitting the granola and fruit rather than the full fry up.’t tell the Mr

There are some inspirational photographers that I really admire that have full on fitness programmes as well. Reading their Facebook updates has shamed me back onto my cross trainer and even had me looking into Boot Camp sessions (shh, don’t tell the Mr, I’ve not told him yet!). Some people moaned at my photographer friend that she posted about her fitness regime too much but I think that is rubbish. It is important to my friend that she starts to love herself again, she is a Mum, a wife and a veteran, but most importantly she is a wonderful independent woman who deserves to look and feel her best. I will happily gift this friend a boudoir session when she is feeling sexy hot 🙂

The diet at Story Frame HQ is going to be worth it. IWILLfit into my skinny jeans again before the summer is over, and I will buy those mint green jeans that keep screaming BUY ME every time I go past them.

The other motivator to lose this weight is my camping trip in October. I will be going away with the Shooting Sisters. A group of female photographers that I belong to, these women are so supportive and inspirational, I now don’t know how I got by without them. The motivational part of this trip is that I have pledged to model for a lifestyle boudoir session if I get down to my target weight- eep!!

So there you have it, diet and exercise is the order of the day for a while now at least.

Lel xx


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