Day 158- The Miracle

Textures, textures, textures- I am loving edits at the moment. The one thing this project is doing is making me focus on my edit skills and learn more than I would previously, my own little miracle 🙂

This song is all about miracles on earth. I did think about getting Jess to hold a plant, but it is an image already overdone and in loads of stock libraries, plus I don’t think her chicken pox covered hands would have added much to the image!

I have 2 edit’s of this, I prefer the above, but you may prefer the edit below, which is slightly “warmer” (more orange!):

The difference is quite subtle, but I find the green in the bottom right corner distracting in the second one.

Lel xx


2 responses

    • I did think about that, but again, soft and float would have been the expected norm. That’s the great thing about photography though isn’t it? How I edit will differ from you which differs from others.

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