Day 157- Who Wants To Live Forever

It’s been a hard day here at Story Frame HQ today. I think Little Miss has hit the teenage years 10 years too early and we have had hell today. Screaming, stomping, you name it we have dealt with it and it was incredibly draining. Put on top of that the rain and general tiredness from yesterday, it was not a good mix 😦

Starting to play with textures again this evening, I think this image needed something, but I didn’t want to play with the colour’s too much. Yesterday’s image had a hint of vintage colour’s about it due to the Jubilee but tonight needed to just be what it is, without too much processing.

Back to work tomorrow, and I’m on countdown to my last day which is the 22nd, then it’s on to another adventure 🙂

Lel xx


3 responses

    • Yep, I agree, I did struggle with this after the day we had! Some days the image is as much about staying in the habit of completing this daily as about the image. Today was one of those days. Although its a personal project, if I haven’t done the image by 10pm I feel a seering sense of guilt and can’t go to sleep until at least something is done!

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