Day 155- It’s A Kind Of Magic

With 88% of the vote, this week’s Jubilee inspired album is Queen Greatest Hits 2. Although, with only 8 votes this week, 88% is not actually that many, do I feel boredom setting in folks?

This album has the title on that I wanted to save for the final shot of the project, “The Show Must Go On”, but I am going to tackle it this week. I guess that is the point of putting the album out to vote every week, it adds to the pressure for me in being able to come up with the ideas in a tight timeframe rather than having months and months to plan.

Some of you may have seen my earlier post on Facebook on my personal page saying that I couldn’t think of anything for tonight’s shot. The thing is, this album has such amazing titles and memories for me that I want to be able to do it justice. I have lots of ideas for grand style productions to get shots, but I need to come back down to earth and make sure I have ideas that can be realistically pulled off.

I finally managed how to fit exercise, photography training type DVD’s and practise into my day today. I set up the laptop in front of the cross trainer and started to watch one of the many workshops I have to watch whilst exercising! Ironically, I think I have remembered more that way 🙂 I do find that my concentration wanders if I have to sit still and listen for a long time, so maybe this is the way of the future, give all students a cross trainer when in lectures. I’m not sure it will catch on.

Lel xx


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