Day 154- Bridge Over Troubled Water

Mr Story Frame is at home today so I escaped day 4 in quarantine, woo!

I knew I wanted to find a stone bridge for this shot, but I didn’t know where there would be one. Having lived in Brighton for 2 years, you would think that we would have explored Sussex wider than we actually have. In fact, we very rarely leave Brighton and Hove, unless it is to go to London.

A quick Google search whilst eating lunch and I came across a small town called Stopham in West Sussex. The bridge looked perfect and pedestrianized so I knew there wouldn’t be a problem with lorries going across the bridge as I took the shot.

Armed with my tripod and my satnav, I escaped chicken pox HQ and went for a drive. 40 mins later I went passed the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it bridge so had to turn around and come back. The bonus of this is that I then had to park by the pub (damn it!) which actually looked well worth a visit in its own right.

What I hadn’t banked on was it being difficult to get down to a good enough vantage point. The point I had seen on the opposite bank turned out to be on private land. Back over the bridge, through the stinging nettles and brambles I managed to get onto the bank between the old bridge and the new road bridge. There really was no other vantage point unless I wanted everyone in the pub garden watching me, which I wasn’t keen on.

Unfortunately, the water was slow and completely flat. The only trouble I can come up with for this water is it was quite murky and disgusting. I on the other hand got into plenty of trouble, including the nettles and dog poo on my treasured purple converse 😦

With this weekend being the Jubilee, the album vote is all about Queen. It really is a choice of early vs. late in terms of the songs on the album you decide to choose. Considering I really am not a royalist (ironic when you consider my birthday is the same day as the Queen) I thought this was a fitting way to mark the occasion.

Lel xx


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