Day 153- The Boxer

Day 3 in the big brother house, an emergency call to the GP ensued after the chicken pox spread at an alarming rate and everywhere. Yet again, Jess and Mummy confined to the house 😦

However, I did manage to get this shot done this evening, so I am back on track with the rules, go me!!

I have to admit, I actually had no intention in presenting it in its colour state, I had very much pictured this as being black and white. But, all the best laid plans end up changing and as I took it, I could hear the fabulous Kate Hopewell-Smith in my head telling me to “use the light” and look for a “chink of light”. So off went the lights and the curtains closed slightly until I had the light I wanted, and BAM, look at those colours!!

The importance of light, both natural and flash has been a massive learning curve over the past 5 months, and I am going to push myself with this more in the coming months, especially as I have the luxury of my comfort zone of natural light for a couple of months before I take the plunge with flash.

I have included the black and white edits for you as well though:

Finally, remember the news I keep telling you about? Well, it is now two-fold 🙂 Firstly, I am taking part in putting together a calendar to raise awareness for autism, watch this space for how you can purchase this calendar. My month is March ad I will be one of 12 fantastically talented female photographers taking part in this project. It is an honour to be amongst such accomplished and talented ladies.

Secondly, I will be changing my day job at the end of the month. Hopefully his will mean no more hotel stays, or at least a lot less frequently. This will give me more time at home for my family, and to dedicate to getting the photography business well and truly focussed and launched within my now 18 month time frame. Watch this space!

Lel xx



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