Day 151- Keep The Customer Satisfied

I didn’t get out of the house today apart from the doctors and the pharmacy, we are now on chicken pox quarantine lock down. I could have taken pictures of calamine lotion and medicine but I thought you may have had enough product shots for a while, plus  remembered this and how weird they thought I was asking them to pose.

These guys work for Tim Hortons, a large coffee brand that I was introduced to in Canada that do great doughnuts and great coffee. There’s no way I could order a “double double in a double cup” and anyone would know what the hell I was on about in a British coffee shop. Plus, Tim Hortons have drive thru, a-maz-ing!!

So tonight is for these people, for posing for a photo to keep a customer satisfied, especially considering we only bought 2 double doubles from what i can remember 🙂

Lel xx



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