Day 143- Dream On…

I was sitting on the landing next to my camera bag and all of my photography books this evening, with camera in hand trying to think what to do for tonight, and I was sat just as I am above and it hit me. The biggest dream that I have is to be able to be a full-time photographer, but my inner monologue always goes along the lines of “dream on…”

It was quite a task to try to get this shot, as I had my main camera in my hand, I needed to hold the point and shoot in the other, but not make it look too obvious that I was holding a camera up in both hands 🙂

The only thing I am not too sure about is that the black and white edit makes me look a bit like I have a beard, but I much prefer the black and white to the colour, but here is a colour edit for you as well, slightly more “dreamy” I think:

I think it is important to dream, to have the desire to go out and get something with both hands, obviously as long as you are not hurting others in the process!

I am also one of these annoying people who has incredibly vivid dreams, which is both good and bad in equal measure. It has been the same from when I was little and was adamant Texas Pete (baddie from Super Ted, 80’s children’s TV) was in my bed and made my Mum strip the whole bed off to prove it wasn’t true, even the mattress! Now I am older, it is more grown up issues that I dream about. They (whoever “they” are) suggest that your dreams are a way of your subconscious sorting out issues from the day or things you have thought through the day. I’m not sure what my dream a few days ago of parachuting was all about though!

Hang on to your dreams, no matter how crazy others may think they are.

Lel xx


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