Day 142- (I wanna live in a dream in my) Record Machine

We have a big thing for music in our house if you couldn’t tell already!

Music has always been a part of my life but I tend to find that I really read into the words of songs. If someone close to me gives me a cd or a song to listen to, I always end up relating the words to us. In fact, when one of us is away with work, or for a few days, we have left each other music or a note to listen to a certain song on an album.

There are lots of songs that are really important to me, and a few full albums as well, that have a lot of significance and these are the songs I hold close to my heart.

I feel it is important to respect how people feel about a song, and the emotions that come with that. There are song’s and artists now that I will turn off or change the station if they come on the radio. Not because they are rubbish, but because of the memories and emotions attached, music is powerful stuff and the magic and dreams that music evokes can be easily broken.

Mostly though, music has always been a way to escape, either dancing, or singing along and imagining that I am playing to a packed arena. You see, I told you I go into rock star/diva mode 🙂

My plea to you all tonight is to treasure the songs that are important to you, don’t give them up too easily.

Lel xx


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