Day 141- Stop The Clocks

The day finally came today, and Jess got to wear the BIG dress. Now then ladies, let’s have a show of hands from those of you that are jealous of the spinning action on this dress- I have both arms and feet up for that one 🙂 I have to admit I had a couple of flash forward moments today to what her wedding day might be like, with doing up a fiddly white dress and holding it up so she could go to the toilet.

This is one of the reason’s I have chosen these images for Stop The Clocks. Jess is at such a lovely age, for all the challenges she gives us, I love the absolute innocence and that fact that she would happily spin in her dress and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. I will be holding on to these moments for always.

Thank you to the family and friends that joined us today, it meant a lot to us that you could share today with us.

Lel xx


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