Day 134- Go The Distance

Little Miss has been so much better this weekend, which proves our theory was right, it was about attention and time with us. Big lesson learnt in the Story Frame household, family time is important!

With that in mind, we suggested to Jess that we have a day out in the countryside and mix it up with walking through the fields, woods and a huge hill so she can see the view. She jumped at the chance as she is a bit obsessed with “the view” at the moment.

The weather was lovely today and like typical town dwellers, we went off in trainers (Jess), white pumps (Mr Story Frame) and my trusty cowboy boots. 2 minutes into the walk, and passing well experienced walkers in wellies, we saw th mud. Of course there would be mud!!! Seriously,why we didn’t stop and think about it is beyond me.

So, 2 minutes in and Jess was covered in mud, John’s white pumps were now brown and then I was carrying Jess over puddles. I’m glad to report that my boots are watertight 🙂

The walk was around 3 miles in all and Jess did not complain once, and she even posed for a photo at the top, before running off after Dad (above):

So, this week, there will be more family time, and less work in non-working hours. I at least promise to try.

Lel xx


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