Day 133- Wooden Boat

Those of you that either know me well, or have followed this blog from the beginning will know that taking pictures of landscapes/ seascapes etc is not my most favourite thing in the world. I think it is good as a photographer to know what you don’t like to do, just as much as what you do like doing.

I had to push myself to do it today though as the only title left on the album that I could do without major planning was Wooden Boat. You see, although it is the weekend, I have spent a large chuck of the day preparing something for the day job on Monday which has eaten into a lot of our time today.

Now, I know that 2 of these images are not technically of wooden boats per say, but I couldn’t resist that beautiful glow of light on the water as the sun was going down.

Little Miss has also improved a lot today, and chosen her dress for her Christening next week. Typically, she chose the puffiest, most expensive dress in the shop. It is not in the “Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” league, but it is bordering on it.

I am toying with the idea of doing some prep shots next week before the Christening, almost like a mini bride. I can;t decide in my had if it is cute or a bit weird? What do you think?

Lel xx


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