Day 131- Reach Out

Poor Mr Story Frame, think of the range of emotions he must have gone through when I said:

“If I lay on the floor… can you stand over me, and reach out.. so I can take my picture tonight?”

He must have thought his luck was in to start with, only to find it was yet another mad-cap way of me getting the shot I wanted đŸ™‚

I have to say, and I guess it is many a true word said in jest, but you can tell a photographer from where they take their pictures. Watching people with camera’s, you can tell the pro’s not just by the size of their kit and lens, but also by the way they contort their bodies over, under and around objects or throw themselves on the floor for the best shot.

Whilst at Aspire last week, I found myself in a shower and then with one leg on a toilet and one leg on the wall balancing to get the shot I wanted- madness I tell you!

Lel xx



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