Day 130- What You Believe In

Religion was never on my list of potential blog posts. In fact, it is something very personal to me and unlike some photographers, it is not something I am willing to use as a sales tool. Don’t get me wrong, I am not berating other people for shouting from the roof tops about their faith, it’s just not for me.

Religion is not something I have grown up with, but it does seem to be the one thing I gravitate towards when things get too much and too tough to cope with. When the “black cloud” gets too much, Church is the one place I feel a sense of relief and I have spent many a Sunday in tears mid way through a hymn in the past year because I feel like I have some sense of purpose. Church is the one place I know I don’t have to be strong for anyone else’s sake.

Yes, there is an amount that as an intelligent human being I am not sure I believe, but I think it is ok to question it. Thankfully, our vicar is quite forward thinking and even he would encourage this kind of questioning.

However, there is no denying that I do believe in what Christian’s call “the holy ghost”, or karma, fate, gut instinct, whatever you want to call it. I also feel that if you can be still long enough and listen, you can be guided to what is right for you.

Last week, I had that chance to sit still and listen, I also took myself away from social media for a couple of days to get the “silence” I needed. I have made some good decisions and I now hope I have the strength and courage to follow them through.

This is what I believe in.

Lel xx



2 responses

  1. Powerful words to match a powerful image Lel. I couldn’t agree with you more. Church often isn’t what people that don’t go to Church think it might be. Quite a lot of minister’s are forward thinking. After all they know the Bible pretty well so they must’ve asked themselves most of the questions we have and had some of the same doubts we have to get to where they are. My mind always feels cleansed and back on track when I’ve been to Church. It makes you sit there and be still and I think in this world it seems quite rare to get an opportunity to do that. I’m glad you feel strengthened and good luck with following through on those decisions- Lauren x

    • Thanks Lauren, as every day passes I feel like I’m getting me back, and not just day-job me. It’s almost like different Barbies just a lot less glamorous 🙂

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