Day 126- Love Is A Losing Game

As it’s FA Cup Final Day, and the boys in the house went to watch the football, it makes sense to theme tonight’s image around this, and it also fits well with one of the few remaining titles on the album!

We were meant to take part in the photothon walk today, but it was postponed due to the weather. John also started his marathon in a weekend today with the first 10 miles so that left Matt (my cousin), Jess and I to make up our own photowalk!

We gave Jess the task of coming up with our mission for the day and she decided on shapes and colours which included a red circle, blue rectangle, yellow square and a triangle which we couldn’t remember if it was meant to be red or green as I lost the piece of paper she had written the rules on, oops!

We also managed to catch some of the children’s parade which Jess also caught on her camera.

So, below, is a little selection of what life is like through the eye’s of a 4-year-old:

Lel xx ( & Jess 🙂 )


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