Day 121- Addicted

Before anyone points this out, I know the focus is a bit off tonight, it is intentional to give the feeling of being drunk.

We all know that Amy Winehouse had a very public battle with drink and drugs. I typed “addicted” into Flickr and saw some very clever set ups with Facebook written in mock cocaine etc, but I was drawn back to the simplicity and availability of alcohol.

Alcohol is an acceptable drug in society and it is everywhere. In fact, try socialising as an adult without alcohol involved and you will be surprised how limiting it is.

According to the drinkaware website, alcohol dependency affects 4% of the population of 16-65 year olds in England. Think this is low? It equates to 1.1 million people. Not so low now is it? Alcohol is also responsible for 33,000 deaths in the UK each year. Stark reading, especially considering I am writing this whilst drinking a glass of wine.

The glass of wine this evening is celebratory though as Jess, aka Little Miss Story Frame, got a place in our first choice school today. This may not seem much of a big deal but when we moved to Brighton (Hove actually!) 2 years ago, we based our move on the school we would ideally like her to go to.

Thankfully, we were lucky enough to get our first choice school. We know that school places were probably oversubscribed this year and we are very lucky to have been able to secure our first choice. So, that’s the worry of school place’s over for at least the next 6 years!

I am going to be driving up to the Lake District tomorrow ready for my 2 days with Aspire on Wednesday and Thursday. The project will of course travel with me, and I will fill you in on all things North of Watford 🙂

Lel xx


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