Day 116- Change Clothes

I had a conversation with someone this morning, and I remember tell ing this person that today I felt like an injured animal just wanting to lick its wounds. Funny then, that Gemma on TOWIE just said the same thing! I have to say though, mine was not about naughty texting like hers was.

The thing about injured animals is that they often come back fighting, stronger and harder than they did before, and that is what I intend to do. Unfortunately, that is why I am late tonight and for that I am sorry. I know several of you that read this every day wait for this before you go to bed in the evening.

I refuse not to complete my project photo each day though and as such I am glad I have done this today- this is the first step in coming back fighting.

Watch out world, this girl has hit the bottom, and the only way now is back up!

Lel xx


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