Day 113- December 4th

There is a core of readers who have told me that they vote every week, but the album they vote for is never ever the album I end up with 😦

As you all know, I am in your hands when it comes to the album choice, apart from last week when it was birthday week in the Story Frame household.

When these readers told me of their predicament, I asked them the artist they would like to see the most and it was a weird combination of Metallica and Jay-Z. When I was picking the album’s for this week, I decided to play the law of averages for these readers and include 2 Jay-Z albums. Thankfully, the Jay-Z album that they agreed would be their favourite is the one that has been chosen. Phew, its good to keep your readers happy after all 🙂

Have any of you noticed the new Story Frame Photography logo on the bottom of the recent photo’s? It would be good to know what you think. Personally, I think it is a bit more fun and approachable than the old one, if a font and logo can be open and fun!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, and before I sign off for the evening, a massive well done to Tim Osborn for running and completing his first marathon.

Lel xx


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