Day 109- Another Nail In My Heart

Hearts from Asda= £1.13

Nails and Hammer= Mr Story Frame’s own

The look on his face when I said what I was going to do= one of the reasons I love this project 🙂

I’ve pushed the edit a little bit more tonight as I wanted it to look a little bit more gruesome than it actually was.  I also really like the quite clean shadow from the hammer.

It’s Mr Story Frame’s birthday tomorrow, so Little Miss and I were wrapping presents this evening, and she wrote the card all by herself. Good job too really as I had other stuff to write and wrap. I’m not telling you any more though as it will spoil the surprise. I do however promise that I am not giving him the left over heart as some grand gesture, it is now wrapped up and in the bin.

Hopefully Mr Story Frame won’t moan at me. He has a massive thing about not wasting food but even he couldn’t be annoyed with me putting the hearts in the bin, in a non-metaphorical sense!

Here is the song for you:

Lel xx


4 responses

  1. It’s good job I appreciate art – I am sitting here really queasy – lol! I couldn’t have done this purely because I can’t even touch a piece of liver and struggle even cutting chicken! Rubbish aren’t I!!

    Enjoy tomorrow!


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