Day 107- Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime

There was always a running joke with my parents that I couldn’t cook, which has pretty much carried on with Mr Story Frame, and ok, I will admit to having had some disasters.

The cooking disaster that Mr Story Frame likes to tell people about most is the Giant Scone Incident. I had decided to make some scones and had followed the recipe exactly, or so I thought. When I showed him before I put it in the oven, he did ask me if it was too runny. ” Of course not, don’t question me, I followed the recipe” was my reply.

20 minutes later and my scones, or should I say scone, was ready to come out of the oven. You see, it was too runny and it had gone from a tray of neatly spaced scones to one giant monster scone. In my favour, it did taste good!

There are somethings I can do well though. My yorkshire puddings are much better than my Mum’s (they are!), and I do a mean toad in the hole. I can also cobble together a half decent roast and  mean shepherds pie.

The thing I enjoy most though, is making CAKE, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cake 🙂

As with yesterday, here is a link to today’s song for you younglings who have no idea what song this is. I also have to add in here, that people of my age group will remember the remix, which I have linked after this 😉 :

HANDS IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lel xx


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