Day 104- Sweetest Goodbye

Any excuse to raid the sweet tin, and raid it I did 🙂

I took  a few shots but ultimately I preferred the angle in this one, rather than the straight on and above shots, that were quite boring to be honest.

I have put all the sweets back for Jess though so please don’t think that I deprived her- these aren’t chocolate so there was no danger of me eating them if I’m honest.

I have another workshop tomorrow (check me out and my training!), this time it is a beginners studio course for a couple of hours in the morning. Then I get to go and buy a new frock and go out for Miss As You Wish Crafts significant number birthday 😉

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Lel xx

P.S- Did I say I have been nominated for an award!!!


Snap Shortlist


4 responses

    • It depends, the course with Adam last week whilst fantastic wasn’t really blog worthy as the pics were very experimental, you never know though 🙂

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