Day 100- Not Coming Home

It’s day 100- can you believe it!!!

Today’s image is one I have had for a while, well, about 4 years actually, but I really wanted to use it today. I know it’s not technically perfect and the pole is incredibly distracting, but I think it adds to the invisible feeling of the man, as the post is distracting you from looking at him.

Homeless people are so often invisible in society and whilst I was at Borough Market in London for my BTEC project, I found the homeless people more intriguing than the food and tourists. I wish I had asked this guy his story, and why he was there. I think if I went back again, I would now have the confidence these questions.

The church that I go to has just taken part in a 2 month project of opening a homeless shelter in the hall every Friday night during February and March and there were some extraordinary people who came through the project. Those escaping abuse and violence, as well as those that just needed the shelter.

I am humbled by the people who volunteered as we didn’t and I feel like we should have. I think if the church were to do it again, we would try to be more involved.

I am truly thankful that I have a family who are loving and who have a doors open policy. I know if I were stuck, I could go to any one of my family and I would be welcomed without question, and I love them for that. I also have no doubt that when Jess is older and if she needed them, they would be there for her too.

Lel xx


2 responses

  1. A great image Lel, I like the way you’ve moved the focal point to the sign rather than the man as you were shooting from behind.

    I might have been tempted to shoot from a little lower but that’s easy to say in hind sight and fours years on.

    Like your B&W word, always impresses.

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