Day 97- Laura

I’ve had a full on photography day today. I fleetingly saw Dade to borrow his off camera flash and pocket wizards ( I had to write it for the innuendo value!), then off to the shops for he final props for the baby shoot I did today. I think it is at that point that I lost my mojo today.

The baby in question is so beautiful and we spent 2 hours getting some shots. Unfortunately, I think baby was fighting sleep and was not very happy with my pointing my camera in her face, but we will try again.

Then Laura and her man came over. Laura text me last week when the album vote went up to say “if its Scissor Sisters, can I be in a photo?”. How could I refuse. The only problem was, I had focussed so much on getting things prepared for the baby shot today, I hadn’t planned Laura’s shots properly lesson well and truly learnt I have to say. I also had major issues with focussing the images today and am having a big girlie strop about wanting different lenses to the ones I have!

However, there are a few shots from today with Laura I like, and I have also snuck one on here of her and her man. I know he wasn’t too sure about me blogging it in case it overshadowed her, but I think you will agree the power is still very much with her in the image:

Thank you Lou for loitering in tunnels and on stairs this afternoon, and for coping with the influx of gnomes in the pub 🙂 I hope the images are ok.




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