Day 95- The Skins

I lasted a whole day without a phallic symbol or innuendo, oh come on, its Scissor Sisters!!!

The world has properly gone nuts weather wise. People in the north of England had a mass a snow today, whilst still sporting sun burn from last week. Equally the tornado’s in Dallas look like something out of The Wizard of Oz. I hope all of you that read this are safe and well, and that your loved ones are too.

Only 5 more days to go and I would have done this for 100 days. I would never have thought back on New Years Day that I would have lasted this long. Although anyone that knows me well will be able to tell you that out of my pure stubborn streak there is no way I would have given up. Mind you, it’s that same stubborn streak that saw me playing rugby at university, hopefully I won’t get as injured with this project 🙂

I find out tomorrow evening if I am one of the winners of the phototraining4U competition or not. Thank you again for all of your votes to get me into the top 10 and I will let you know either way tomorrow, eek!

Lel xx


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