Day 93- Lovers In The Backseat

I knew if I left these pair in the backseat they would be at it, its like Toy Story- The X Rated version 🙂 Ok, so Barbie’s hair is all blown in terms of lighting but I think it adds to the trashy feeling.

Jess was a little bit concerned when I came back in from the car and they had no clothes on, however an episode of Chronicles of Narnia (off of the 80’s) and a yoghurt later, and she had forgotten.

I have spent a lovely evening speaking to Anna Bowkis, a lovely fellow photographer who lives much too far away for coffee, but close enough for a metaphorical cuddle, thank you Anna xx

I’m off to Coventry tomorrow so will be planning my shot on my way home, hopefully it will be in line with the last 2 days, although I can’t guarantee any more nakedness.

Lel xx



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