Day 90- Flash

Ah Flash, how I absolutely and completely do not understand you… at all!!

However, Flash is going to be my friends soon, as I will be getting some off camera flash tuition in a week or so, huzzah. Then there will be no stopping me, it will be low light shoots a go-go.

You may have noticed I didn’t write very much last night, actually, I wrote nothing, but let the lyrics take the strain. I won’t write much tonight either for fear of falling into the self-pity trap again.

I will plug the last day of the phototraining4U competition though. If you haven’t looked or voted yet, you have 1 more day to do it. Please do go and look at my portfolio which is 4th from the bottom. Some people have commented to me on some photography forums that this is a money-making ruse by the people running the competition and that the vote is an e-mail harvesting exercise. The thing is, yes, I did have to join their training website to enter, but I will use the training. Having to enter your email probably will mean you get added to their mailing list, but you can take yourself off. The reason I want to win this is the 12 days of training, to improve and grow and get closer to my goal of turning into a professional photographer. I would never be able to pay for this level of training myself so I really do appreciate the time, the vote and the subsequent time you may have to spend taking yourself off a mailing list. If I win, I will come and take your picture as a metaphorical big sloppy thank you kiss.

Lel xx


3 responses

  1. Interesting shot, but I would clone out the additional flash as its distracting and serves no purpose. Given the amount of options available you may consider revisiting this theme :/

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