Day 87- You’re My Best Friend

I quite honestly admit that this is not a shot I took today but it is already gone 9.30pm and I had yet to pick up the camera. No major drama stopping me, in fact, one of my best friends had called to say how proud she was of us (Jess in particular) for completing the Sports Relief mile on Sunday, and more importantly, just checking if I was ok and giving me the space and time to have a bit of a vent and a moan.

I was looking for a picture of said friend when I came across this image, and these 2 hands belong to my closest most special friends, my man and my child. They have a special bond, one which sees them in cahoots against me one minute, and then shouting at each other the next, but I wouldn’t change either of them for al the tea in China (or corn in Carolina, and I bet you can’t place those song lyrics!).

I will be back to playing by the rules again tomorrow, but for tonight, please allow me to indulge some of my time into my friends and family, of which you are of course a part- especially if you have stuck with me for the 87 days so far 🙂

Lel xx


p.s- The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed there is a smaller black and white version of this image in one of the Parklife montage’s on day 43.


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