Day 86- Play The Game

Many an evening in my late teens was spent playing trivial pursuit with my parents, family and friends (and I wonder why I was never one of the cool kids!). It was usually boys vs. girls but I always seemed to end up on the boy’s team. The only problem with this is tying to stay out of reach of my Mum, since being slapped whilst playing Uno for making her pick up cards, the lesson was learnt that its best to stay out of arms length 😉

In other news, lent is almost over, thank goodness. I had to give away the cakes from our shoot on Saturday and even throw some in the bin, it was an emotional moment. My boss also went to buy me a sandwich today and had to run after the admin assistant to order salad instead, although that was actually one of the funniest parts of the day if I’m honest!

Lel x




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