Day 84- Love Child

Jess chilling in the daffodils amongst the controlled chaos of the teddy bears picnic shoot we did today. The shoot was great but unfortunately we had to rush a bit as the gardens we were in closed at 4.30. They even sent a man around with a bell at 4.15 to warn people they had 15 minutes left to get out!

The sharp ones amongst you would have realised that I didn’t get the vote up until today, but next week is… ROCK WEEK!!! Make sue you cast your vote, but I will leave it open until 3pm tomorrow to make up for the time missed today.

Don’t forget that the voting is still open for the phototraining4U competition. My portfolio is 4th from bottom, please do take the time to go and vote, it takes less time than reading this 🙂

Finally, don’t forget the clocks go forward tonight, and wish us luck for the sports relief mile tomorrow.

Lel xx


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