Day 80- Road Runner

It’s about time I reminded my BN3 neighbours that the crazy lady across the road with the camera is still here.  I had to time this right as I took it in the middle of the road, although looking at it, I could have been safer at the edge of the road!

Tonight’s shot has reminded me that it really is time to face my fear of using flash, and I am a step towards this with a workshop soon, as long as I can find my cheque book to send off my payment.

If you haven’t seen my messages all over Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest and on here today, firstly, where have you been? Secondly, the point of me being on all of those social media sites today is to say that the voting for the phototaining4U apprentice competition is now OPEN!! Click on the link and please take 2 minutes to vote for me, my images are the 4th set from the bottom.

I have also put these on their own Pinterest board so you can see them better.

I’m afraid I will be a bit of a politician over the coming week and a bit trying to drum up votes, but its the only way I can get into the top 10- and then it is down to the judges to decide! Big massive hugs and thanks to those of you that have already voted and reposted/ retweeted/ repinned etc, it is so very much appreciated.

I will be driving to Derby tomorrow night for 2 days of training with work, so who knows what delights the motorway services may give in terms of the 366 project tomorrow 🙂

Lel xx


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