Day 79- Behind A Painted Smile

Manic day today, and I still need to find the time to purchase some fresh USB sticks, the people who know what that is about, I am sorry I am so rubbish with that at the moment.

I have to say I struggled for inspiration with todays shot, maybe I’m all out of inspiration following the grapes yesterday!! I wanted to do something more implied than a literal interpretation tonight, hopefully I have achieved this.

Very simple set up and lighting,again taken with my nifty fifty. I have to say, it is my cheapest lens and I think it is on my camera 90% of the time now. I love the shallow depth of field I can get although I am wondering what the difference is between the 1.8 and the 1.4, sorry for getting technical on you; basically the lower the number, the more light that is let in the lens, which in my experience means that I have a moe shallow depth of field (less stuff in focus!).

The vote for the competition I entered opens at midnight tonight. If I can manage it, I will stay up until it is live to give you guys the link before anyone else. I really would appreciate all your help and support with the voting. I know it should be about ability rather than a social media popularity contest, but if I don’t get enough votes, I won’t make the final 10, so please please help me out, thank you in advance 🙂

Lel xx


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