500 down to 40, and I am one of them!!

I enter competitions every so often. I don’t usually tell anyone about it as I don’t really have high expectations of getting anywhere.

The latest competition I entered was the Photo Training 4 U competition for 2 “apprentices”, the theme this year- Fashion Photography. The prize for 2 people is 2 days of training over a 3 month period, all around fashion photography.

Below is the image I entered. I entered it a while ago and didn’t think I had a chance at all of getting though to the final 40:

I caught this shot walking through Battersea Park in between scenes at a meet up arranged last December. It’s funny, but it seems my best shots are never the ones that are originally composed. I like chaos and spontaneity, and I guess my best work reflects that.

So, the point is, I AM IN THE TOP 40!!!! Apparently, there were over 500 entries, so I’m so proud of myself.

For the next stage, I need to choose and upload another 5 images to create a fashion portfolio, by Monday. This then goes to public vote and the top 10 from the vote go though to the next stage.

I know I ask you all to vote every week, but please please could I ask you to vote again, once the vote for this comes out. If you could get your friends, colleagues, mum’s, dad’s, anyone in fact to vote that would also be awesome!

Thank you all for your continued support. I had set 2012 as the year to properly focus on kick starting my photography career, and this feels like an oppotunity not to be missed. I will be fighting hard for all of your votes and campaigning like an MP over the next couple of weeks 🙂

Have a great weekend, I know what I will be doing now!

Lel x


14 responses

    • Thank you. The weirest thing, if it wasn’t for Catherine Connor talking to me on that day, I would never have had the balls to do my own thing and get this shot

  1. Whooooooo HOOOOOOOOO!!! Many congrats and rightly deserved! We had better have that coffee before your to busy working for all the worlds magazines!!

    Be proud of what you have captured and achieved, just as your friends are!!

    Rob x

    • Thanks Anna- once the portfolio is up and voting opens, I will let everyone know. I will probably keep letting you know until voting closes too 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m chuffed to have got to final 40, I would be naive to assume anything more but I can work hard on fucking what I think are the right images and hope people vote

    • Thanks Becky- I’m going to need all the votes I can get. this weeks album choice only got 18 ish votes, I will need more than that for my portfolio to stand a chance of being in the top ten.

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