Day 75- Rock With You

Can you guess that I slept properly last night?

I’m feeling much better today and more motivated to sort out 101 things today. So tonight, family Story Frame went to JJB sports and bought a cross trainer. I know, I know, it may turn into the most expensive clothes hanger ever but I haven’t been to the gym since the beginning of October and I am still paying for it. Now I can cancel it, and the gym is now at my house.

I’m also listening to Dade Freeman and Stephen Cotterell’s podcast whilst I write this, and I am sure I may have just had a quick name check- even if it was just for chats and coffee. To be honest, it is what I am good at! Seriously though, this interview is so simply honest, it is well worth a listen.

The last thing I am sorting out, is photography props. Lets be honest, it’s the best excuse to have a nosey around E-bay and Hobbycraft. I am also going to ask the lovely ladies at the pop up shop Roses And String if I can borrow some of their mahoosive pom poms to hang from the trees. If you find yourself in or near Queens Parade in Willesden Green please go in and see them and say hi.

Friday tomorrow and unfortunately I will be missing out on meeting up with some lovely ladies who also happen to be photographers. However, I have seen plans tonight for a Glamping Charity Shop Ball in October when I go away with a lovely group of ladies so I am feeling pretty excited about that!

Lel x


One response

  1. Hey Lel,

    Good to see you back on form. Great detail and tones in these images.

    hehe as for the name check, yup šŸ˜‰
    It was about meeting, sharing and yeah, coffee! When Stephen asked me I felt I had nothing to say, but as you can hear, in the end I had so much to say I couldn’t get it all in!

    Dont worry too much as you can see, Im well behind on my project!!!!!

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