Day 74- Heal The World

Today has not been a great day, which I think is reflected in the not so great post tonight. I just couldn’t get what I wanted tonight and it really shows, I think Little Miss could have done a better job than me today. This is pretty out of focus, incredibly grainy and I had to colour it in again as I lost the colour in translation. I also think this dip in creativity and technical ability is a real reflection that the late night/early morning combo is not agreeing with me 😦

The only good thing tonight, which you will know if you follow me personally on Facebook, was the lovely train conductor. When my train finally pulled into Brighton tonight I could hear them blowing the whistle for the Hove train. There was no way I could run with a pile of paperwork and a laptop bag with what feels like a small child in it. I had resided myself to the fact I would be waiting at least another 15 minutes to get the train. However, the conductor saw me struggling and delayed the train for that extra minute so I could get on it.

It’s not often I will say this, but thank you Southern Rail, you helped a very stressed and harassed lady get home at a semi-reasonable hour tonight.

Lel x


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