Day 73- You Rock My World

This is my rock box (and one shell). The box was a beautiful present from Mr Story Frame to keep all of my rocks in. The rocks all have meaning, and are all from Mr Story Frame or Little Miss, both people who rock my world.

These are not any rocks though, they are all carefully selected, either for their shape, or because they look like they are smiling. That is absolutely true, there is a lot of imagination going on in this house, but I promise we aren’t all crazy.

I never know when I rock is going to appear, and that’s what makes them so special. I have had them left on my pillow when work has meant a night away for one of us, and I had a beautiful heart-shaped rock on our anniversary. Not quite the rock a girl would usually expect, but a rock none the less đŸ˜‰

So tonight is for my little family, and my wider family, because you all Rock My World.

Lel x


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