Day 72- P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)

Before anyone outs me, I didn’t take this today, but she is so lovely I am sure you will be ok with this.

this beautiful lady is my cousin and also a very talented actress. We did a session recently for some new head shots for her and she was great. Not only did she handle Jess running around but also helped me to get the exact looks she wanted. I have to admit, when she was running through emotions she did almost make me cry because she looked so genuinely upset. I hope that was acting and not how bad my photography was!

I also tried a technique with this to try to get some more definition around the jaw line, which I think has worked, thank you to the internet and YouTube for those hidden gems of advice.

The rest of the week is going to include lots of travel to and from London so some of my posts may be a bit late in the night this week. Hopefully it is worth staying up for.

Lel x


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