Day 71- ABC

Its Michael Jackson week, exciting!! It was pretty much a landslide vote, with 65% of the vote MJ was the clear winner.

I was a little braver again with my camera settings tonight and changed the focal point. For the non-technical minded, the focal point is where the camera looks as its focus point. I usually have this set as the centre, but I wanted the ABC to have more focus tonight. Usually, I would focus and then move the camera, but tonight I was brave and moved the focus point in the camera. This is brave for me on 2 fronts, firstly because I have to remember to change it back again (which I did straight away) and secondly because it is another step out of the comfort zone.

A few years ago, someone told me to “face your fears, and do it anyway” and that is going to be my approach with this project. I don’t want to let my lack of experience stop me from doing something. My next example of this is that I will be completing an off camera flash workshop and a studio workshop within the next month. I am a bit scared as it means playing with artificial rather than natural light. However, a major part of photography is controlling the light, and if I can learn to do this, it will in turn help me to continuously improve.

As an aside, if anyone fancies an evening of scrabble, food and booze, just let me know 😉

Lel x


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