Day 70- Bar Italia

Crisis- I am running out of Disaronno!! This is not a good thing when I have a cousin coming to stay in May who drinks Disaronno and Coke like its tea, thanks to one of our other cousins introducing him to it!

Check out my Ferrari mug. I bought this when I was working at Silverstone in either 1996 or 1997, I can’t remember which. Pretty proud of myself that I haven’t smashed it, I am particularly clumsy at times, and have moved house numerous times since I bought it and it still survives.

The sun is out in Brighton today, and we have been out in the garden for the first day this year, it’s a luxury we pay a lot of rent for (grr), but watching Jess go up and down on the space hopper is worth it 🙂

I started buying props for a styled shoot I am doing with some other photographers later this month today. I am going bright and kitsch, not full on vintage. It’s time for something a little bit different to the vintage theme for me. So I am going to spend some time on e-bay whilst our visitors are at the theatre, and then its Mr Story Frame’s awesome Paella for tea, can you tell I can’t wait!!

Lel xx


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