Day 67- I Spy

Focus has been and gone, I have survived the 3.5 hour journey home with non-stop Disney songs, and I am now officially going to start to sort out an actual website for the photography business having settled on Zenfolio for the website. Now I just ned to work out how to use it.

I have also cooed over albums, and boxes for albums, I have even stroked a white faux fur and diamonte album. It’s a bit too bling for my taste but it definitely had a wow factor.

I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine Connor again today, this lady is always on hand with a smile, a hug, and has an amazing knack of being able to keep your feet on the ground whilst helping you to reach for the stars. If I can move forward in my business to shoot like Jane Austen and market like Elvis, I will be one happy lady.

I also spent a lot of the day with Tracey Barrow (I am not stalking her, honest), and the amazing Sasha Holloway who I think is ranking in my top five Americans that I know 😉 Sasha is an incredibly talented portrait photography and if you live in Norfolk, she is well worth looking up for a fun shoot, I know this girl will have you smiling! I think my favourite Sasha moment today was talking about wigs, and her whipping her’s off to show me how to put it on… I also have to commend Sasha on her restraint. She came to focus with free rein from her husband to upgrade her camera to a full frame and yet walked away without having bought a new camera, that is some will power right there.

I on the other hand fell in love with a Canon called 5D mkIII, L.O.V.E!!! I had to queue behind a lot of testosterone fuelled guys to get my hands on one, and the guys behind the stall didn’t even acknowledge I was there or talk me through it. I have to say, that really does annoy me. Yes, I may be in the minority at a photography trade show being female, but that does not mean I am any less a consumer than those guys. Also, even if I turn on the “blonde”, it doesn’t actually mean I am stupid, Mr Canon. rant over 🙂

The other highlight of today was watching my cousin slowly becoming mesmerised and falling more in love with photography. He was truly like a child in a sweet shop when buying his new camera bag today. I know he is going to love it, and I know he too has been bitten by the Catherine Connor bug. I would urge him now though, get through your uni course and get qualified before following the photography dream, your Mum will never forgive me if you quit!

Lel x



3 responses

  1. Sounds like you guys had an amazing day without me! Gutted I couldn’t have been around to have met up with you amazing woman for a chat about wigs and over coffee. And if I had of been there with you ladies, I would have let you all have a look at the cameras before me, as any good gentleman would do and the fact it was a Canon stand 😦

    So I look forward to seeing you future website and reading more adventures, till them, regards Rob xx

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