Day 63- You Said No

Wow, what a long day we have had, and what a lot of coffee shops we have been in today!

We started off at small batch in Hove, great coffee and great sausage rolls. The seats are also gnomes which is always a highlight. Then a quick train into Brighton, a mooch around the North Laine area and then a stop off at Starbucks:

After this, we checked out the 2 craft fairs that were on in town today. Some really lovely jewellery about today, just a shame I don’t have the money to buy it all.

One of the highlights of the day had to be meeting up with some lovely photographers at F.A.B (food and barista). organised by Gill Golding, in attendance was Dade Freeman, Stephen Cotterell, Nadine Burzler, and a few others!! Today has reminded me that I really need to get out and play with other photographers a bit more, to both share knowledge but also to stop boring Mr Story Frame with talk of shutter speed and exposures!

We also spent a lovely couple of hours with some of our oldest friends today, and even managed to round it all off with a drink in the Spoons, what a classy lot we are 🙂

Lel x



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