Day 62- All The Way

Hands up who remembers these? Map books! How polite and non assuming the map book was. no shouting to “turn left” or “make a U-turn”, and none of this “you have reached your destination” malarkey. No, the map book was ok if you went wrong, it didn’t scream at you like that nasty sat nav lady does!

I don’t know many people now who use an actual map book. Even I have given into the temptation of sat nav, having always said I would never rely on it, I now find myself not being able to even go to the supermarket without it. You see, I like the challenge of the sat nav. When it says it is going to take me an hour to get somewhere, I have an overwhelming urge to prove it wrong. I also like to challenge it to “recalculate” the journey because Ithink I know a better way. The sat nav lady usually wins, but I will get my revenge!!

Tonight is vote night, so keep an eye out for those 3 albums. Thank you once again for your support and comments, I couldn’t keep this up with out you.

Before I go this evening, I just want to say happy 60th birthday to my amazing Uncle, I know you read this, so thank you for always being there for me when I have needed you, love you xx

Lel x


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